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Premium frozen novelties made with clean, plant based, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients! If it’s a GoodPop, it’ll never have HFCS, GMOs, Refined Sugar or Sugar Alcohol Sweeteners

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Real Fruit
Certified Non-GMO or Organic
With Fair Trade Ingredients
Certified B Corporation
If we all do a little good, we can make the world a lot better.

More Generosity More GOOD

We created #PledgeGood to make the world a brighter place, with more generosity, kind gestures and good deeds around every corner. To inspire sweetness, we donate $1 to charity for every person who pledges to do something good.

Do Good
Humble Austin Beginnings

Humble Austin Beginnings

What started as the pursuit for relief from the scorching Austin sun that revealed treats with artificial flavors, unnatural colors and mysterious ingredients, ended with GoodPop’s wholesome frozen treats at the farmers market.

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