What is Pledge Good

The good in our name isn’t just about the ingredients we use or the the way our products taste, it’s an integral part of GoodPop’s mission to use our frozen treats as a vehicle to do social and environmental good. The Pledge Good Foundation was created to make the world a brighter place, with more generosity, kind gestures and good deeds around every corner. To inspire this sweetness, we donate $1 to charity for every person who pledges to do something GOOD.

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How It Works

Pick a good deed & make your pledge

GoodPop donates to a cause of your choice

Everyone wins! It's that simple!

Why We Do It

Over the years, GoodPop has partnered with many non profits but to create as much GOOD as we possibly can, we have identified four key areas to focus on. These are areas that the GoodPop team is the most passionate about and how we select the non-profits we partner with every month.

Supporting Equity & Inclusion

Ending Hunger in America

Helping Animals Find Homes

Nurturing A Healthy Environment

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I, , pledge to and look for new ways to spread goodness each day! I’d like GoodPop to match my pledge with a $1 donation to . Please keep me in the loop about #PledgeGood at . Submit my pledge

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