Red, White & Blue Pops!

July 17, 2017

Just because The 4th of July has passed doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some fun, festive Red, White & Blue popsicles! At GoodPop, we believe in providing the cleanest treats for you and your family. Whether it is at your annual barbecue, a regular family function, or just a hot day in the sun. Rather than letting your kids run after the ice cream truck for the traditional Bomb Pops that contain ingredients you cannot even pronounce, wouldn’t you prefer to just whip out some clean Red, White & Blue pops from your freezer?

You’ll be effortlessly the most popular parent on the block, and the other parents won’t be getting angry at you for giving their kids sugary treats without their permission.

We believe that there is an inner child in everyone and these popsicles bring out that special feeling of nostalgia we all crave; so we cleaned up this classic childhood pops for you! The best part though is the nostalgia comes guilt free. Our popsicles are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO project verified, and even OU Kosher. It is a mix of a Cherry and Lemonade flavor and is made with 100% fruit juice and no added sugars so they’re good for both your peace of mind and your kids’ tummies. Even the bright blue section of the pop, that everyone knows and loves, is derived from plant-based Spirulina, so it won’t leave anyone’s tongue blue.

We’ll worry about the nitty-gritty details. You just sit back and relax in the shade as your kids play and tire themselves out, only taking a break to come running to you for a pop break. We know that this is the only time of the day that they’ll come running at you for seconds, but at only 35 calories and 7 grams of sugar that comes naturally from fruit juice, can it really be that bad for them to have more than one?

Red, White & Blue is the latest addition to our line of “Cleaned Up Classics”, which also includes Cookies N’ Cream and Orange N’ Cream. We cleaned up these treats so you’ll have one less thing to worry about this summer. We know you’ve got hundreds of things on your plate, so let us take care of the snacks and treats that are on the stick instead.

Can’t find them in a store near you? Get them DELIVERED straight to your door by ordering right here on our website!

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