The Cleaned-Up Classics

April 13, 2018

It’s a Sunday afternoon, you are sitting on the front porch with your kids and dog sprawled out just napping in the shade. You hear the distant song of the oh so familiar ice cream truck driving down the street and your kids immediately jump up, “MOM! Can we?” The clueless kid in you wants to say yes, but the motherly instincts are very hesitant. That Tweety pop that you used to love so much has high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, food dye, amongst many other ingredients you can’t even pronounce!


There has to be a better way to give your kids the same joy of eating a pop than putting all these bad things in their growing bodies. GoodPop is a firm believer in all-natural and Non-GMO, ethically sourced ingredients. We are confident that our pops will give your kids that same nostalgic childhood feeling that you also crave while still giving you that feeling of healthy.

During our newest initiative, The Cleaned-Up Classics, we bring back those memories without the negative consequences. GoodPop lets you splurge a little without having to feel guilty. Red, White & Blue, Cookies N’ Cream, and Orange N’ Cream have been revamped to let those memories flood bad but without the extra sugars, food dye, and ingredients you still cannot pronounce. What more are you looking for? Do you remember those dreamy orange creamsicles you used to beg your mom to buy while dragging her down the grocery store aisle? Now there will be no need for your kid to beg and drag because chances are, you’ll be happily on your way to the frozen section to pick up a box already.

We all want what is best for our kids, but nowadays with all the options we face, sometimes it’s hard to remember to check the ingredients before making purchases. Everyone just wants to be in and out of the store before little Susie throws a fit that she didn’t get her firecracker popsicles. GoodPop makes sure that our Red, White & Blue provides that same satisfaction, but this time you know exactly what she ’s eating. We promise that everything on our label is something you’ll be able to pronounce! The best part is these three flavors are vegan, dairy + gluten-free to accommodate all your little ones as well as give Mom an after the dinner break. We all know you and your family deserve it!


Now that you’re sold on our deliciously Cleaned-Up Classics, you’re asking where you can find them? These flavors are new, and therefore, not available on most shelves. Not to worry! We’ve just launched our ONLINE STORE! Make some room in your freezer, and order-up your Cleaned-Up Classics Party Pack!

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